here are my very first homemade vegan foods!

mocha cheesecake

mocha cheesecake

portobella sandwich

portobello sandwich with onions & avocadoes

red velvet cupcakes with better-than-cream-cheese frosting

spaghetti bolognese

chocolate mint cookies

chocolate mint cookies

i am going to carve my very first pumpkin this evening! i will be putting all that fresh pumpkin flesh to good use in the next week. so excited! i’ve only used pumpkin once – a butternut squash – but i don’t remember the dish at all. yummy pumpkin foods soon..!

“hmm.. no. i will paint my toenails first. and then do my homework. i have to prioritize.” – jackie

sprinkles cupcake perez!

sprinkles cupcake perez

aww look at our new addition to our home! jackie got her from the pound! she’s a pitbull (mixed..?) about 4 months old. sprinkles came in all skinny at 19lbs but she is gaining weight fast. lucy, the other puppy living here, and sprinkles have learnt how to play.. although sprinkles is about 4 times lucy’s size. i found a mama cat with 4 kitties at the side of our house too. bought some cat food last night for them because i have been stealing sprinkles’ dog food to feed the hungry mama cat.