i am currently second day of the master cleanse. i know there are proponents and opponents of the master cleanse, but i decided, hey why not give it a try? cleansing my body might even help my transition towards veganism by ridding cravings for junk food often containing dairy, eggs, and honey. i am not doing this for 10 days, probably just 4 because i am running out of maple syrup. i am getting tons of calories from the maple syrup, so i am not going to drop dead any second. the saltwater flush kills me though! i will spare you the details.

i need to stay up late tonight to finish up a biology/ecology scientific report. usually i eat food to keep myself awake, even though it’s a bad habit. so now i am sleepy and really want food or coffee to stay awake but i can’t! will post again to see how this cleanse goes. so far i haven’t been super hungry, i just miss food since i love food.