November 2009

i had INTENSE cravings for donuts a couple of weeks back – so much that i was tempted to buy some from 7-11 or krispy kreme. so i attempted to make some vegan ones instead after much procrastination. they tasted pretty good but i wished they were even more holey. i don’t really know how to explain it, but i just prefer them more krispy kreme/7-11 type to dunkin’ donuts (the cakey type). they didn’t rise that much, i might have been too impatient in putting the yeast in or something. and they were deformed. but lonnie ate 6 or 7 pieces in one sitting, so they must have tasted semi-decent.

glazed and chocolate donuts and donut holes

my very first vegan thanksgiving, after two vegetarian ones! amidst two murdered turkeys, and other dead innocent animals, i had a little feast of my own! although i forgot to take pictures.

tofurky roast & gravy

i know – cliched. but it was only $9.99 at trader joe’s, how could i not get it? plus i never ever had it. it is essential that, i, as a baby vegan, should eat tofurky for thanksgiving. the baste i used was the simplest one, containing oil, soy sauce, and ground sage. it was good and the leftovers lasted me till today.

italian layered vegetable casserole

i found this casserole recipe from fatfree vegan kitchen, and it was actually a hit! mind you, i was in the company of pretty carnivorous chinese who love their traditional foods.

chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies

they were sooo yummy and filling. i got the recipe from here. i was going to use applesauce for the egg substitute but i forgot about it altogether and they still turned out great! i would definitely make them again.

my dearest roomie made some vegan truffle brownies (using the trader joe’s mix) and they were delish as well. i ate half the box. and that concluded my very first vegan thanksgiving. well.. i also had cocktails, beer, and soju.

sleeping dogs are the best dogs

little rory is all better now, thank you for your prayers and well wishes : ))) oh look! rory and lucy are sleeping.. what a rare moment. usually they are little terrors tearing up the house. in every literal sense.

it’s the last week of classes! crunch time!!!


i have been a bad blogger. anyway, i lasted on the master cleanse for 3 days. it wasn’t too bad, i might try it again one day when my schedule permits. time for food pictures!!!

soft spiced ginger cookies! in the form of bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and moons

spicy spaghetti squash i made on world vegan day!

baked "cheesy" casserole with swiss chard, spaghetti squash & tomatoes

also, i went to scoops and they are SO generous with their portions – i was literally rolling out of there. two huge scoops for $2.75 is a steal. i got white chocolate oreo and pistachio jasmine oil. i thought i would like the oreo better but the pistachio flavor was richer and more flavorful, whereas the oreo had a watered down taste.

oh no : ( i just received very sad news. this evening, one of our puppies got really sick. she’s at the vet now. little rory started drooling, heaving, throwing up, and was really disoriented. the vet already cost over $100 and now they are saying to run tests would be $500. but we (myself and the other mummy) don’t have the money so one of my housemates (who rory’s main mummy) is at the vet trying to decide what to do now. the clinic said it’s either ulcer (could be caused by lots of things), rabies (unlikely, as she wasn’t bitten by anything other than the two dogs in the house), or distemper (i believe it’s a fatal disease). i am so so so sad and we don’t know what to do right now. pray for little rory!!!

little rory