i had INTENSE cravings for donuts a couple of weeks back – so much that i was tempted to buy some from 7-11 or krispy kreme. so i attempted to make some vegan ones instead after much procrastination. they tasted pretty good but i wished they were even more holey. i don’t really know how to explain it, but i just prefer them more krispy kreme/7-11 type to dunkin’ donuts (the cakey type). they didn’t rise that much, i might have been too impatient in putting the yeast in or something. and they were deformed. but lonnie ate 6 or 7 pieces in one sitting, so they must have tasted semi-decent.

glazed and chocolate donuts and donut holes

my very first vegan thanksgiving, after two vegetarian ones! amidst two murdered turkeys, and other dead innocent animals, i had a little feast of my own! although i forgot to take pictures.

tofurky roast & gravy

i know – cliched. but it was only $9.99 at trader joe’s, how could i not get it? plus i never ever had it. it is essential that, i, as a baby vegan, should eat tofurky for thanksgiving. the baste i used was the simplest one, containing oil, soy sauce, and ground sage. it was good and the leftovers lasted me till today.

italian layered vegetable casserole

i found this casserole recipe from fatfree vegan kitchen, and it was actually a hit! mind you, i was in the company of pretty carnivorous chinese who love their traditional foods.

chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies

they were sooo yummy and filling. i got the recipe from here. i was going to use applesauce for the egg substitute but i forgot about it altogether and they still turned out great! i would definitely make them again.

my dearest roomie made some vegan truffle brownies (using the trader joe’s mix) and they were delish as well. i ate half the box. and that concluded my very first vegan thanksgiving. well.. i also had cocktails, beer, and soju.

sleeping dogs are the best dogs

little rory is all better now, thank you for your prayers and well wishes : ))) oh look! rory and lucy are sleeping.. what a rare moment. usually they are little terrors tearing up the house. in every literal sense.

it’s the last week of classes! crunch time!!!