i have sat in front of my computer for nearly 9 hours today, and i have hardly churned out nor absorbed anything for school. i did, however, watch harry potter & the chamber of secrets and harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban. and i am onto blood diamonds now. however, it is my personal goal that i finish my part of the group executive summary today before i sleep.

i made some yummy roasted garlic mashed potatoes! definitely something i will make again in the future. my very first vegan cookbook arrived in the mail! it’s the 30-minute vegan. my mashed potateos recipe (which i totally eyeballed) was very similar to the one in the book, and i also tried a variation of the chocolate avocado pudding. i am excited to try out the other recipes, i just don’t have any money for the ingredients yet!

jackie made vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.. they weren’t entirely for me but i pretty much polished off half of them already. she’s the best roomie everrr!!!

i just want it to stop. but i don’t know how and maybe i am not strong enough. i just don’t know what to do.

if you willingly choose to leave yourself out, do you still feel left out?