in my absence on this blog, A LOT has happened. as i sit here in my room, struggling not to switch on the air-conditioning in this heat and humidity, i am still trying to absorb everything that is going on in my life. firstly, i graduated! woo! so surreal. i still can’t comprehend the fact that i am an alumnus now and not an undergraduate. i will probably be one of those creepers who still hang around and party at USC after graduation. there, i said it.

i’ll probably throw in some pictures some other time when i actually upload them. the fam visited me and we went around LA, vegas and san francisco. plenty of fun but being with my family always takes tremendous patience on my part.. well actually i just get really frustrated and bitch a lot but it’s ok, we’re family.

then i came homeee to singapore! this has been surreal like no other. i haven’t been home in two years, and so much has changed. if you know anything about singapore, it’s always changing. orchard road, the place i knew like the back of my hand, has been completely transformed. we added a couple of integrated resorts with casinos and there’s even universal studios. whaaat! i will visit lots of places like a tourist during my time here. i will be exploring my vegan options here as well.. oh how i miss $2.50 brown rice with two side dishes. yesss cheap food nomnomnom.

the weather has been particularly unbearable for me. heat and humidity and rain whenever the sky feels like it. bad combinations. plus people who have been living in socal long enough just don’t know what to do with rain.

my job hunt is still going on.. wish me plenty luck! xo