i’ve been up to no good almost every weekend. or perhaps it’s every weekend.

my girls and mike the couch

mike's sister - susan

NYU & UCLA.. psshhh

rest assured, i did “cultural” things, such as going to concerts.. such as lady gaga and hard haunted mansion 2010 (halloween deserves a separate entry!).

lady gaga living up to her name

and then contributed to more of America’s growing culture, such as celebrating jenn’s 21st with the classic classy visit to the 9-0, punctuating our nights with Four Loko (don’t worry about the ban/change in formula, our friends have cases stocked up), beer bonging, going to block parties, and the such.

jenn's birthday lava cake (not vegan)

matching eyeshadow & four loko


tryna get my vitamin C while sick


alcohol + skate ramp = good idea?

after-party beer bongs

complimentary cotton candy at saddle ranch (vegan?)

i am also pleased to announce that my awesome little sister (sorority, not blood) jessica and her friend started this amazing new website that caters to healthy eating and weight loss! i am also a featured writer on it, but albeit a lazy one as i have not put up a new entry in a long time. i promise to change this. there are different “diets” on this website, as well as guest articles, a forum, a place where you can reveal food secrets etc. you can find out more for yourself at www.whatstheskinnie.com!

to further prove my laziness and my horrible excuse of a determination to blog, i actually started this entry 45 days ago. conveniently, new year’s day is located just around the corner and i can make new resolutions that i will probably break. so enjoy the last remaining hours of 2010, i know i will. please pray that i will live to see 2011, thanks!