can you believe i’ve had this blog for over a year and have written practically nothing on it?! it’s four days into the new year and i have not sat down to really think about my resolutions either. most people don’t keep most of their resolutions. we promise ourselves to floss every meal, and we start out the new year harboring no food particles between our teeth. a month goes by, and we start flossing only before bed, because work/school keeps us so busy. plus what is the point of flossing if i am going to eat a damn muffin in half an hour? then you start getting so tired at night, you only floss once a week. the floss runs out and you don’t get a new pack, so you stop flossing at all. the new year comes and you go to the dentist who shakes his head at the dismal state of your teeth or what is left of them, and you promise yourself to floss again. that is the cycle of our resolutions. nonetheless, each year we hope that we will be able to keep to at least one, if not some, of them.. and this year is no different for me.

2011 resolutions

☮ cook at least one real meal a week – this means no instant noodles, no simple pastas, no microwaveable shit
☮ blog at least once a month
☮ better manage personal finances – monthly tracking, paying off shit, making worthy investments
☮ take more and better pictures – thinking of getting an olympus pen and more lomos
☮ get my visa/avoid getting deported to singaland
☮ lose all the “cute” baby fat i gained in 2010
☮ dress nicer at least on two work days per week – even not looking like i just rolled out of bed is considered “nicer”
☮ be more diligent – work, friendships, life, etc
☮ eat better – less sugar
☮ loveee

hopes for 2011

♥ visit at least one new place
♥ pay off USC to get my physical diploma
♥ obtain my work visa
♥ new camera(s)
♥ find an awesome roommate (hopefully it’ll be jackie!)
♥ attend at least one music festival (coachella? ultra?)
♥ work hard, play hard!

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