i know this is a few months late, but i did say halloween deserved a post by itself! we started off the weekend with a lovely brunch at BLD.

we waited for 45 minutes or so for a table, as we didn’t make reservations because i thought it was just gonna be 3 people and you only need a reservation for 6 or more. i don’t know if it was the hunger that made the food taste THAT much better, but hands down, this was the BEST brunch all six of us ever had. i got the vegan benedict with fingerling potatoes. amazingballs. someone else got the regular benedict, jenn ordered some french toast with bacon thing which came with pure maple syrup in a house.. too cute. i don’t remember what everyone else had. two large orders of french pressed coffee for us.. best coffee we have ever tasted. the starbucks we had the next day only serve to mock us that we couldn’t have BLD coffee every day.

vegan benedict

outside BLD - we're in couple outfits (green, red, black)

and off we were to hard halloween at the shrine. my first hard event.. well besides hard summer 2009 which was a fucking fail as we got into the venue for about 10 minutes before the riot police shut it down. we did get a refund but we did not get back the time wasted. day 1 was great! fun times. despite a minor hiccup but i am already used to epic awkward situations in my life. i figured i’m God’s favorite comedy channel. people loved the fur on my outfit.. i had an epic leopard tail.

carbon, silver, gold.. GEDDIT?


cute girl with disinterested boyfriend

bubble girl

day 2 had even better music than the first! i got drunk and was already hungover by the time we got to the line for hard. fuck you, four loko. our relationship was never the same since that night. guest DJ was miike snow who was great! it got really sweaty inside though..

second day

natalia painted this herself!

i love halloween! getting dressed up and seeing people in cute/creative/outrageous/skankalicious costumes. can’t wait for halloween this year.. start thinking of what you’re gonna be! it’s never too early!