my name is rachel, yes you can call me chel, but don’t call me rach. graduated from USC with an environmental studies (chemistry) degree.

born and raised in the lovely (but suffocating) island of Singapore. also have a love/hate relationship with LA.. who doesn’t?

having been a vegetarian for 4 years, i have read and researched enough to know that i need to make the transition to veganism. this is my journey to veganism, and to life in general.

i appreciate good grammar, but i am still too lazy to capitalize letters and i like using ellipses with 2 periods instead of 3. a constant internal conflict in me whether to use british english or american english.

i’m a walking contradiction, the anti-hypothesis.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. altonwoods Says:

    Why veganism?

    1. lolahippie Says:

      ethics/morals (for animal welfare), the environment, and recently, health.

  2. jon Says:

    hey rachel this is jon one of clement’s cousins and I came across your post on clement on livejournal and since we’re compiling his book right now we were wondering if we could have your permission to include your post in his book. let me know if you could via email..thanks a lot rachel!!

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