spring is here. almost. DST spring forward has already occurred, however, LA failed to get the memo that it’s supposed to be warm. fret not, it finally got the message and will be warming up this week. btw, i don’t buy this fucking daylight savings crap. of course man will decide to change time instead of adjusting our schedules to fit the seasons.. duh.

a few of the tv shows i keep up with have ended (seasons & series). i don’t know what to do with myself now. tv is my oldest friend. i grew up on the couch. sure, i played outside and rode my bike and had friends, but i loved watching tv. my parents worked late, my older siblings stayed out often, but no worries. i had my trusty television. i would even watch infomercials and occasionally persuade my mum to buy something that caught my fancy. like a 3D dinosaur walkman with a color scheme of purple, green and orange. not sure why i thought it was a good idea. if i was in a scaredy cat mood (95% of the time since i like scaring myself by watching horror movies and the such), i would sleep with the lights on and the tv on, lulling me into a frightful slumber. wait. i am not here to talk about my lonely and neglectful childhood. i want to talk about my tv shows.

friday night lights: SERIES ENDED. one of the best shows ever. i didn’t fall in love with the show at first; i was doubtful of its shaky cinematography and lack of glitz. it won me over with its raw emotions, honesty, and real characters. i don’t think i can reiterate how much i love this show.

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

greek: SERIES OVER. this show was never particularly spectacular. however, i could relate to part of the show being a former member of the greek system and it was pretty funny usually. one of my new life goals is to duct tape someone to the wall.

no self-respecting college student will drink out of a red cup with a straw

pretty little liars: SEASON 1 DONE. over summer, i would visit marine parade library near my house (in singapore) and borrow books. i am not a self-respecting college graduate, so i would traipse over to the “young adult”/”teenage” section to pick out trashy books. being an ex-greek, you can trust on me to judge books by their covers. naturally, pretty little liars caught my eye and i started on that series. i never got very far since you’d have to wait forever or have really good luck to be able to borrow the next book in order when you return the previous one. so when the tv series came out, of course i had to watch it. i hate it. but i still watch it. i want to find out what happens next. i NEED to know who A is. i hate aria the most, she is a self-absorbed, self-important bitch. i like emily fields the best but only cos she’s attractive. this girl cannot act. she has a perpetual frowny face. goddamn it. i know i am gonna waste an hour every week watching this when season 2 comes out.

melodramatic teenage girls

weeds: SEASON 6 OVER. i love the title of the last episode – theoretical love is not dead. the new season premieres this summer. so many reasons to watch this show: 1. mary louise parker – stars as nancy botwin, milf for sure (boobies action in the show); 2. hunter parrish – plays cute teenage son of nancy, silas botwin; 3. marijuana – if you’re green that way (i recommend this vegan website for good eats – the vegan stoner); 4. highly inappropriate shit in general. not gonna lie, the first few seasons were definitely better, but this is definitely one of my favorite shows. i find myself relating to nancy botwin a lot. i won’t tell you in which ways.


jersey shore: SEASON 3 ENDED. i know you are pretending to recoil in horror right now, getting all judgey about the fact that i partake in this national pastime. stop right there. don’t pretend like you don’t tune in religiously to mtv at 10p.m. every thursday night. its season finale drew in a record 7.6 million viewers (highest in its demographic). the rest of you will watch it on demand. i started out being a hater too but i have since been converted. haters gon’ hate till they start watching it. i am unashamed and i am prepared to stick by my seaside heights crew even if they burn down half of europe during the filming of season 4.

couldn't find a picture with deena the other meatball, gotta make do with angelina

i’m kicking off april/spring with in vegas. PSYCHED. i’ll return with a new entry assuming i’m still alive by the end of the trip. i don’t really plan to be. goodbye for now.

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