i know this is a few months late, but i did say halloween deserved a post by itself! we started off the weekend with a lovely brunch at BLD.

we waited for 45 minutes or so for a table, as we didn’t make reservations because i thought it was just gonna be 3 people and you only need a reservation for 6 or more. i don’t know if it was the hunger that made the food taste THAT much better, but hands down, this was the BEST brunch all six of us ever had. i got the vegan benedict with fingerling potatoes. amazingballs. someone else got the regular benedict, jenn ordered some french toast with bacon thing which came with pure maple syrup in a house.. too cute. i don’t remember what everyone else had. two large orders of french pressed coffee for us.. best coffee we have ever tasted. the starbucks we had the next day only serve to mock us that we couldn’t have BLD coffee every day.

vegan benedict

outside BLD - we're in couple outfits (green, red, black)

and off we were to hard halloween at the shrine. my first hard event.. well besides hard summer 2009 which was a fucking fail as we got into the venue for about 10 minutes before the riot police shut it down. we did get a refund but we did not get back the time wasted. day 1 was great! fun times. despite a minor hiccup but i am already used to epic awkward situations in my life. i figured i’m God’s favorite comedy channel. people loved the fur on my outfit.. i had an epic leopard tail.

carbon, silver, gold.. GEDDIT?


cute girl with disinterested boyfriend

bubble girl

day 2 had even better music than the first! i got drunk and was already hungover by the time we got to the line for hard. fuck you, four loko. our relationship was never the same since that night. guest DJ was miike snow who was great! it got really sweaty inside though..

second day

natalia painted this herself!

i love halloween! getting dressed up and seeing people in cute/creative/outrageous/skankalicious costumes. can’t wait for halloween this year.. start thinking of what you’re gonna be! it’s never too early!


yes it is a new year! and i have procrastinated to blog for about two months now.. it’s really not that bad, considering i take up to six months or so to reply emails and facebook messages. no, i am not exaggerating.

many changes in my life. remember i was freaking out about paying for school? i am freaking out less now (though i still need to find out how i can pay for this semester – stripping is much too tiring for me, i don’t last that long in heels), and things have kinda worked out. i am giving up my business degree (oh goodbye marshall!) and graduating this semester with my environmental studies (chemistry) degree. if you know anyone who will hire me, PLEASE DO TELL ME. i am ready to be a slave etc, and all value for money too. spread the word, people.

my most awesome class this semester (or all 3 years of college) appears to be senior seminar for environmental studies. we take a bunch of field trips, discuss about the environment, and i think there was some kind of individual project involved somewhere. or research paper. i don’t know, but our first field trip to santa catalina island was fucking awesome. if you knew me, you would know that even though i am a hippie at heart, i am inherently a spoiled child and am one of those girly girls. i was excited for our 3-day-2-night trip, but also nervous that i could drown while snorkeling, break a leg while hiking, get eaten by a bison (yes i know they are probably herbivores), or break my acrylic nails. rest assured, none of the above happened and i still have my acrylic nails on.

with the new year, comes new things. two years ago, i found a camera at a rave. and this year i actually bought the battery charger for it!!! yes!!! so i have a working camera now. i took pictures on my class field trip to catalina, so be prepared for pictures of the scenery, plants, and animals. not very many humans. i also forgot to change the picture size/resolution, so the photos may appear tiny. i will just post a few here.. the rest are up on facebook.

sea star with its stomach out ewww

view from wrigley institute

sea hare kissing a shell muaaa*


supposedly the rib of a blue whale

hill that looks like a wavy top turban

looks like a road to nowhere in alice in wonderland

even though bison are often an attraction for tourists to visit catalina, they are, in fact, non-native and are harmful to many of the native plants there while promoting invasive species. they were introduced during a filming of a movie and were never removed. a more appropriate icon for catalina will be the island fox but unfortunately i didn’t see one when we were there!  hopefully we will get to see one the next trip.



oh no.. we are climbing up stuff

i am INSANELY afraid of heights. a few months ago, i would have calculated that i wouldn’t be able to get down safely, and hence would not have gone up at all. but this time, i was like, whatever. it’s a cool place to die.

yay i made it to the top!

although i must tell you, i did kinda crawl up to the top. on my way down, i sled on my butt as i did not trust my balance enough to walk down like a normal person.


yeah yeah, i know – if i were to be all vegan-PC, it would read “sitting on this bench with a veggie grill cheeseburger and soy vanilla shake is one of my favorite things to do.” R.O.

because of the introduction of non-native animals, such as mule deer, and plants that are often invasive, many measures are put in place for restoration and conservation. carlos from the conservancy gave us a very interesting and informative lecture, and then we visited the nursery that grew native plants for various purposes, like selling them to people for landscape.

grow grow grow!


snap dragons

some kind of sunflowers?

lunching on a cliff

and after that lunch, we waited for our boat to take us back to reality. i can’t wait to go back again in 2 weeks’ time! but the freshman class will be joining us grrr. we have small class of 9 people and an awesome professor who brought along beer and wine for us. we went snorkeling on the first day which was amazing! and also kayaking before lunch on the last day which was really fun. a great partner is key to fun kayaking experiences.

i made snickerdoodles for the first time! i haven’t really had snickerdoodles, but from everyone’s review, these are pretty good. i never pick snickerdoodles as a cookie flavor, because i will always pick the triple chocolate chocolate with chocolate chips and all things chocolate kinda flavor.


made pizza from scratch too! got the beer crust recipe from cute and delicious, and then added pizza sauce, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, and sundried tomatoes for all-around goodness. i have some leftover dough so i am making some more pizza for lunch and dinner later!

vegan beer crust pizza

in other news, i am temporarily widowed as lonnie is now studying abroad in florence, italy. because i know he is narcissistic and loves all types of attention, go read his blog at

ahhh! it is 100 days from graduation. i will feel more excited about it when i actually have a job offer. it is time for me to return to my exciting chemistry lab report now, till the next time!

i had INTENSE cravings for donuts a couple of weeks back – so much that i was tempted to buy some from 7-11 or krispy kreme. so i attempted to make some vegan ones instead after much procrastination. they tasted pretty good but i wished they were even more holey. i don’t really know how to explain it, but i just prefer them more krispy kreme/7-11 type to dunkin’ donuts (the cakey type). they didn’t rise that much, i might have been too impatient in putting the yeast in or something. and they were deformed. but lonnie ate 6 or 7 pieces in one sitting, so they must have tasted semi-decent.

glazed and chocolate donuts and donut holes

my very first vegan thanksgiving, after two vegetarian ones! amidst two murdered turkeys, and other dead innocent animals, i had a little feast of my own! although i forgot to take pictures.

tofurky roast & gravy

i know – cliched. but it was only $9.99 at trader joe’s, how could i not get it? plus i never ever had it. it is essential that, i, as a baby vegan, should eat tofurky for thanksgiving. the baste i used was the simplest one, containing oil, soy sauce, and ground sage. it was good and the leftovers lasted me till today.

italian layered vegetable casserole

i found this casserole recipe from fatfree vegan kitchen, and it was actually a hit! mind you, i was in the company of pretty carnivorous chinese who love their traditional foods.

chocolate peanut butter whoopie pies

they were sooo yummy and filling. i got the recipe from here. i was going to use applesauce for the egg substitute but i forgot about it altogether and they still turned out great! i would definitely make them again.

my dearest roomie made some vegan truffle brownies (using the trader joe’s mix) and they were delish as well. i ate half the box. and that concluded my very first vegan thanksgiving. well.. i also had cocktails, beer, and soju.

sleeping dogs are the best dogs

little rory is all better now, thank you for your prayers and well wishes : ))) oh look! rory and lucy are sleeping.. what a rare moment. usually they are little terrors tearing up the house. in every literal sense.

it’s the last week of classes! crunch time!!!

i have been a bad blogger. anyway, i lasted on the master cleanse for 3 days. it wasn’t too bad, i might try it again one day when my schedule permits. time for food pictures!!!

soft spiced ginger cookies! in the form of bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and moons

spicy spaghetti squash i made on world vegan day!

baked "cheesy" casserole with swiss chard, spaghetti squash & tomatoes

also, i went to scoops and they are SO generous with their portions – i was literally rolling out of there. two huge scoops for $2.75 is a steal. i got white chocolate oreo and pistachio jasmine oil. i thought i would like the oreo better but the pistachio flavor was richer and more flavorful, whereas the oreo had a watered down taste.

oh no : ( i just received very sad news. this evening, one of our puppies got really sick. she’s at the vet now. little rory started drooling, heaving, throwing up, and was really disoriented. the vet already cost over $100 and now they are saying to run tests would be $500. but we (myself and the other mummy) don’t have the money so one of my housemates (who rory’s main mummy) is at the vet trying to decide what to do now. the clinic said it’s either ulcer (could be caused by lots of things), rabies (unlikely, as she wasn’t bitten by anything other than the two dogs in the house), or distemper (i believe it’s a fatal disease). i am so so so sad and we don’t know what to do right now. pray for little rory!!!

little rory

when the deaf dream, do they hear? when the mute dream, do they talk? when the blind dream, do they see? when the hopeless dream, do they hope?

i have been watching the new season of heroes. i think it’s sooo good! better than the last season, i feel. the most beautiful thing i have seen in a while was the deaf lady making beautiful music with the cello in the park. just amazing.

halloween disneyland and california adventure documented! the hollywood twilight terror thing was SO FREAKY. holy crap! i didn’t know what to expect. my tummy went all jelly about 50 times. and lonnie got to play with his new camera!  well, me too, but obviously i took horrible shots.

excited for halloween decorations! waiting for the tram!

excited for halloween decorations! waiting for the tram!

my very first trip to california adventure!

candy corn! (which ive never had before haha

candy corn! (which i've never had before haha)

breakfast, lunch, and dinner at tiffanys (with miss piggy)

breakfast, lunch, and dinner at tiffany's (with miss piggy)

duel with mr. incredibles! ill take bets..

duel with mr. incredibles! i'll take bets..

california adventure was super cutesy! they had an entire a bug’s life area! i love that movie! i used to play the game on playstation. we even went on the extremely slow bumper cars.. and bumped each other haha.

after our time at california adventure, we trekked to disneyland itself!

small halloween mickey..

small halloween mickey..

.. and big halloween mickey

.. and big halloween mickey

ooh look a disney version of my pumpkin! : )

ooh look a disney version of my pumpkin! : )

coming up is the BEST RIDE EVER. i already love the haunted mansion usually, as i love all things spooky. but they revamped the ENTIRE ride to be all nightmare-before-christmassed out. firstly, i LOVE that show. ever since i first watched it many many many years ago (definitely over a decade ago). crazy obsession with it – wanted all the limited edition collectibles ever manufactured, biyi bought me a mug (which she broke before ever giving to me) and the mayor, i definitely bought a few trinklets of my own, pretty sure f4 and adeline gave me more of that stuff too. i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to buy zero from the disney store. it even had a light-up pumpkin nose. however, i remember that i am broke and just patted it several times before leaving. so much that a security guy started following us as he thought we wanted to steal. sorry buddy.

the haunted mansion - halloween time

the haunted mansion - halloween time

pumpkin snowman

pumpkin snowman

scary scarecrow

scary scarecrow

creepy pumpkin patch

creepy pumpkin patch

lonnie with his favorite light toy and my pet, zero

lonnie with his favorite light toy and my pet, zero

ooh! what a picture-heavy post. but i don’t know if you can make a cut.. so this will just be a picture-heavy blog i guess. anyway, i am sure none of us run on a dial-up connection now, so it’s not going to be a problem.

yesterday, i made a quick meal of chopped spinach and onions seasoned with garlic and paprika, as well as multigrain pilaf i got from trader joe’s. it’s microwaveable and edible after 2 minutes of nuking. well, 3 minutes for my ancient microwave.

paprika spinach & multigrain pilaf

paprika spinach & multigrain pilaf

vegetable porridge & hickory bbq ribs

vegetable porridge & hickory bbq ribs

today i made vegetable porridge, which is really just a variety of brown rice cooked in vegetable broth, spiced with a bunch of dried herbs, and i added an edamame vegetable blend in. plus a side of morningstar’s hickory bbq ribs which were superrr yummy!!!

i am behind on accounting again! but it’s really my favorite class this year.. especially since i just got a perfect score on the first midterm. my asian math genes have not failed me. am deciding if i should go to arclight hollywood for a free viewing of paranormal activity (I LOVE SCARY SHOWS SO MUCH) or out to the row and the 9-0 like the typical usc girl. jackie and i have been lame and we haven’t partied since the weekender in san francisco.but yayyy it’s the weekend! i know it’s only thursday, but i am in college after all : )

ok, enough of depressing talk. look what lonnie surprised me with!

happy balloon

happy balloon

jackie and i like it a lot.. it’s a cheery addition to the room. although the helium is all gone and it’s hanging upside down now.

i tried baking in the horrible oven again. it’s a gas oven from the 18th century, so i don’t really know how it works. i usually bake it for about 1/2 the time stated on the instructions. the texture of my cakey stuff usually comes out weird, i don’t know if it’s me or the oven, because i usually pick the recipes with good reviews.

chocolate mint cake with mint frosting

chocolate mint cake with mint frosting

chocolate mint cake

1 1/4 cups flour (i used all-purpose)
1 cup sugar (trader joe’s brown sugar)
1 tsp baking soda (do i really have to change it every 30 days or is its lifespan longer if refrigerated?)
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup warm water
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup vegetable oil (the oil was floating so i poured a little out..)
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
extras: 1 tsp peppermint extract (i did not taste any peppermint in the cake though)

1. preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. mix together flour, sugar, cocoa, baking soda and salt with a fork in pan. make sure it’s really blended.
3. add water, vanilla, oil, and vinegar. mix till very blended and scrape down the sides.
4. bake for about 30 minutes or till knife comes out clean
5. cool completely before frosting

mint frosting

2 cups powdered sugar (it was 1 cup and then i added more to get the desired consistency)
1 tsp peppermint extract
2 tbsp rice milk

1. mix all ingredients till smooth, add more or less milk/sugar till desired consistency

the cake was not as sweet as i like, and i would prefer it with a lighter (but still densey), moist texture. i like my cakes pound-like. this seemed a little dry and bland. : ( i liked my frosting though.. probably cos it’s all sugar. and i definitely didn’t wait for the cake to cool completely before frosting. well after refrigerating it, it turned out rather nicely with all the sides covered by frosting (i took the picture right after i frosted it, so it looks melty but i still think it looks cool).

jackie and i went to my very first pumpkin patch on friday night! we picked out our respective pumpkins and carved them yesterday evening. it’s my very first jack-o’-lantern : )

jackie's scary pumpkin

jackie's scary pumpkin

my pumpkin!!!

my pumpkin!!!

mine took forever! it was bigger so everything was tougher and took a lot of energy. plus i didn’t think about the rounded patterns being hard to carve. we did everything with kitchen knives btw! and my pumpkin had about 200000 seeds and was all pulpy. we kept some of the flesh and the million seeds so we can make yummy things next week. i’m thinking of pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin garlic soup.

i’ll be taking another set of pictures when we get tealights to put inside! we already placed them on our porch.. hopefully no drunken college asshole destroys them because i will be a very angry girl. i’m going to disneyland later with the boy! i’m excited for the halloween decorations. i really wanna buy zero (jack skellington’s pet), it’s so cute and has a light-up nose!

here are my very first homemade vegan foods!

mocha cheesecake

mocha cheesecake

portobella sandwich

portobello sandwich with onions & avocadoes

red velvet cupcakes with better-than-cream-cheese frosting

spaghetti bolognese

chocolate mint cookies

chocolate mint cookies

i am going to carve my very first pumpkin this evening! i will be putting all that fresh pumpkin flesh to good use in the next week. so excited! i’ve only used pumpkin once – a butternut squash – but i don’t remember the dish at all. yummy pumpkin foods soon..!

“hmm.. no. i will paint my toenails first. and then do my homework. i have to prioritize.” – jackie

sprinkles cupcake perez!

sprinkles cupcake perez

aww look at our new addition to our home! jackie got her from the pound! she’s a pitbull (mixed..?) about 4 months old. sprinkles came in all skinny at 19lbs but she is gaining weight fast. lucy, the other puppy living here, and sprinkles have learnt how to play.. although sprinkles is about 4 times lucy’s size. i found a mama cat with 4 kitties at the side of our house too. bought some cat food last night for them because i have been stealing sprinkles’ dog food to feed the hungry mama cat.